German Federal Fiscal Court Ruling on Taxation of Distributions from a Foreign Family Foundation and a Foreign Trust

In its decision dated July 3, 2019, the German Federal Fiscal Court (Bundesfinanzhof) held that distributions from a foreign family foundation...

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German Inheritance Tax: Personal Tax-free Exemptions 2019

Personal Tax-free Exemption for 2019

The personal tax-free exemption (Freibetrag) depends on the familial relationship between deceased and...

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German Inheritance Tax Rates 2019

The German inheritance tax rates depend on a) the tax class and b) the value of the taxable acquisition of the beneficiary.

Determination of the...

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Taxation of Distributions from an 401(k) to an individual Resident in Germany

In its decision dated August 9, 2018, the Fiscal Court of Cologne (Finanzgericht Köln) held that for German residents taxation should be limited to...

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FG Münster: Deed of Variation not recognized in Germany for Inheritance and Gift Tax Purposes

The Tax Court of North Rhine-Westphalia (Finanzgericht Münster) has held on 12 April 2018 , that German inheritance tax cannot be avoided or reduced...

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Estate Tax: Effect of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act on German Domiciliaries

On December 22, 2017, Public Law 115‑97 ("Tax Cuts and Jobs Act") was enacted. Sec. 11061 of the Act more than doubles the estate and gift tax...

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German Inheritance Tax - Update 2017

The General Tax-free Exemption and Tax Rates of the German Inheritance Tax 2017

The personal tax-free exemption (§ 16 ErbStG) and the Tax Rates (§ 19...

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U.S. Tax Court: German Who Gave Up U.S. Residency Liable for Exit Tax

The case involved a German national, Mr. Topsnik. Mr. Topsnik was born in Germany and moved to the U.S. obtaining a green card and residency status in...

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