German lawyers are known as Rechtsanwalt. The legal profession in Germany is not divided between barristers and solicitors. German lawyers are permitted to practice in all German courts except the Supreme Court,Bundesgerichtshof, where only specialized German lawyers are permitted to practice.
A German lawyer’s duty is to the client only. However, lawyers must comply with the rules of professional conduct and are supervised by the Rechtsanwaltskammer. Correspondence between German lawyers and their clients is privileged. They are required to keep separate offices and client accounts and follow the rules of professional conduct.

The legal fees are regulated by the German Lawyers Fee Act or Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz. In principle, fee agreements are always an option as an alternative to statutory fees. However, if the lawyer represents the client in court, the agreed fees cannot be less than those mandated by law. Remuneration higher than that prescribed by law may be agreed at any time.
The statutory fee schedule is determined by the value of the claim and applicable fee tables (Annex 2 to the RVG).

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