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Blaine Sheppard is an American attorney-at-law admitted to practice in California and a registered Tax Return Preparer Professional with the Internal Revenue Service. In addition to his law degree, Blaine Sheppard holds an advanced Diploma in Taxation Law and has extensive experience as an accountant. For over a decade, Blaine Sheppard has focused his practice on international tax matters. He works closely with the attorneys and firms that comprise the WF network to provide effective services for individuals with tax matters having a nexus to the U.S. Blaine Sheppard’s education and specialized experience enables him to provide his clients with exceptional legal representation. Blaine Sheppard maintains offices in California and is available by appointment. 


Tax Preparation for Foreign Individuals, Estates and Trusts

Mr. Sheppard represents foreign individuals (e.g. foreign beneficiaries), estates, trusts in relation to their filing obligations on state or federal level.

Mr. Sheppard’s services include: 

  • Preparing and filing the requisite federal and state tax returns and related forms;
  • Preparing persuasive statements regarding the applicability of treaty law;
  • Obtaining tax certificates and releases from the IRS and state franchise boards; and
  • Obtaining ITIN’s for non residents.

Recovery of Funds Withheld by Tax Authorities and Financial Institutions 

Mr. Sheppard works on behalf of foreign individuals, estates, beneficiaries and fiduciaries to obtain the release and recovery of funds withheld by U.S. financial institutions. Such funds may be withheld from

  • investment income,
  • real estate sales,
  • distributions to foreign beneficiaries from tax deferred savings plan
  • Annuities and insurances

Tax Planning for Foreign Individuals 

Mr. Sheppard advises clients with exposure to U.S. tax law regarding effective strategies for minimizing and/or negating U.S. tax liability. Mr. Sheppard’s services include: 

  • Preparing tax analysis advising clients regarding strategies for limiting U.S. federal and state tax income liability in consideration of treaty law and
  • Tax advice regarding effects of renouncing US-citizenship (“Covered expatriates”)

International Estate and Gift Planning

Mr. Sheppard routinely advises clients from common and civil law jurisdictions regarding estate planning for estates having a nexus to the U.S. Mr. Sheppard’s services include the following:

  • Preparing tax analysis advising clients regarding strategies for limiting U.S. federal estate tax liability;
  • Analyzing and comparing the tax consequences of inter vivos transfers v. testamentary transfers; and
  • Advising on U.S. federal estate tax and the German-American Estate and Gift Tax Treaty.




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