WF Rechtsanwälte Frank & Collegen is a leading law firm specialising in international inheritance law. 


WF Rechtsanwälte Frank & Collegen recognizes that the world is increasingly converging and that assets move relatively freely through domestic borders. Individuals continue to live, work and invest in jurisdictions that differ from their domicile and when they pass these individuals often leave assets exposed to the laws of several legal systems. WF Rechtsanwälte Frank & Collegen is uniquely positioned to guide our clients through the conflicts and applications of law that hinder the efficient distribution of an estate. 

Working internationally

WF Rechtsanwälte Frank & Collegen is an international firm with presence throughout the world. Our attorneys are licensed in numerous jurisdictions and have the ability to correspond in German, English, Spanish and French. Our international network comprises of attorneys who specialize in international inheritance matters and is founded on long-standing professional relationships. 

Our network provides local representation with international expertise. 


We are committed to providing our clients with value through our efficient and specialized representation. Our lawyers pride themselves in their professionalism and expertise. Our attorneys hail from some of most prestigious universities in the world and have developed their expertise through years of real world experience. 


A lawyer works on behalf of his client. For us, this means that we vigorously represent our clients in professional manner and actively and honestly manage our clients’ expectations. Representing our clients also means that we do so in an efficient and effective manner thereby avoiding any unnecessary fees and/or costs.  

Modern channels of communication 

WF Rechtsanwälte Frank & Collegen embraces new technology and is committed to actively communicating with our clients through the most convenient manner of communication. As customary in international business, we routinely communicate through e-mail, telephone, fax and/or mail. We can also schedule personal meetings locally at our offices or those of our partner firms. 

Our clients 

We provide advice to private individuals, other professionals (e.g. tax advisors, lawyers, providers of financial services), courts, banks, companies, foundations and non-profit organisations.