Support for Estate/Probate Proceedings in Australia

We also advise clients in probate proceedings on any questions pertaining to German inheritance law. Our services include providing Affidavits in Foreign Law (German Law) and Legal Opinions on German law in foreign contentious probate proceedings.

Representation of Australia clients in Contentious probate proceedings in Germany

We represent Australian beneficiaries as well as executors and trustees in contentious probate proceedings in German courts, e.g.

  • Forced heirship claims under German law (Pflichtteil);
  • Will contest on the grounds of Undue Influence and Lack of Mental Capacity;
  • Dissolution of community of co-heirs (Erbengemeinschaft);
  • Dismissal/removal of executors;
  • Contentious Determination of heirs (Erbenfeststellungklage);
  • Injunctions.